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Lawn Maintenance Galesburg, Gull Lake, Richland, Kalamazoo and surrounding areas

Lawn MaintenanceOur seasonal lawn maintenance for homes and businesses begins with a spring cleanup after the last of the winter snow and ground frost has gone. Our staff picks up sticks and other winter debris, rakes and blows off left over leaves, then finish with an initial mowing. We will also fertilize and aerate lawns to help ensure a lush growth.

For CD Lawn Maintenance's contract service, we'll schedule your lawn for a weekly mowing on the same day of the week. If weather delays our weekly schedule, our crews will simply pick up where we left off when the weather clears and continue through the weekend if necessary to complete that week's service. Our service includes lawn edging and trimming. If you have pets, we can also negotiate to remove dog waste from your lawn before mowing.

Among the services we offer for maintaining your lawn is the installation and maintenance of lawn sprinkler systems. See our Irrigation Services page for more info.

Lawn maintenance continues into the autumn and finishes with a fall clean-up and leaf removal. We'll blow and rake leaves and remove them, or pile them along the streets for municipal pick-ups where available.

You can also contact CD Lawn Maintenance to mow when you're on vacation, or even a one-time mowing job. For one-time mowing requests, we will fit them into our normal schedule as soon as we can, but we can't promise an exact date.

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