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landscape construction

With Spring Trickling In, It’s Time to Consider Cleanup and Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

All across Michigan, residents are celebrating the passing of winter and - more importantly - they're starting to look forward to their upcoming landscape construction projects. While it hasn't been a rough winter, it's definitely had its moments. Negative wind chills, half-inch layers of ice, and mountains of snow have kept the people of Kalamazoo inside for too long. Now, we're starting to plan our spring projects! Whether you're thinking of doing a little cleanup, expanding your garden, or looking to add a few shrubs, trees, or bushes, you can be confident that the team at CD Lawn Maintenance & Supply can help. With over twenty years of experience in the business, we've got the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to make your dream project a reality!

Tags: landscape construction

Learn More About Landscape Construction from CD Lawn Maintenance & Supply

Landscape Construction

If you're looking for ways to enhance the aesthetics of your property, you've undoubtedly heard of landscape construction. As a leading provider of landscaping services, CD Lawn Maintenance & Supply has a wealth of experience with this kind of construction, including the installation of retaining walls, sea walls, ponds, and barbecues, as well as all manner of trees and plants. With a team of well-trained professionals and all the equipment necessary to create stunning and inviting outdoor spaces, we've earned a reputation for our thorough and detail-oriented landscaping services.

Tags: landscape construction

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